Making Some Changes

Over the weekend I uploaded my first video new makeup tutorial in over two years. It was a bit nerve wracking as I’m completely changing the way I’m making my videos, but despite that, I’m happy I’ve finally made the jump. The videos are longer (SO much longer) more interesting to watch and edit, and I can push myself  further in sharing not just my love of makeup, but also photography and design.

If you haven’t seen it already, I’ve linked it bellow:

I’m also going to make a big push for a new platform I’m joined recently called Contribee. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s essentially a Patreon competetor with some much more interesting features, such as being able to make a supporter exclusive shop. I’ve been selling my work on eBay for a few years now, but much like this current change in direction, I think I’ll be switching platform to selling exclusively on Contribee as a way of saying thank-you to all of my amazing supporters.

People who support me on either platform (Contribee or Patreon) will get:
  •  Early viewing of my new videos by up to a month. These videos will be add free until they are made live for YouTube, so you can sit down, relax and watch without interruption.
  • Free downloads of new (and old) face charts and eye cards.
  • Free downloads of all the colouring pages from my series.
  • Etsy, Red Bubble and Spoon Flower discounts for my designs.
  • Primary voting power on which new videos I create.
  • Early looks at new books, short stories and chapters.
  • Early listening to new music and songs (though these will currently be few and far between)
  • Art walk-though on current pieces I’m working on showing the references I use, the though process, problems I’ve run into and how I create my illustrations from sketch to completion

I’ve decided to keep it simple, anyone who supports me on these platforms get’s all the benefits listed above with more to be added later. I realise that was quite a long pitch, but support on either of these platforms will allow me to make more videos at a higher quality (and hopefully hire an editor within a year to increase the production quality). Oh, and the DIY template for that brush case shown at the top of this post will be available on Contribee too within the week.

If you like the look of any of those, I hope to see you there, and I hope you like my new video!

You can find me on Contribee here


  1. Doroty says

    Hi Klaire,
    The oddest thing just happened. I used to follow your YouTube tutorials when I was a teenager (I must say years and years ago).
    Yesterday morning, funnily enough, you crossed my mind for some reason I can’t seem to grasp. Whilst I was pouring my morning coffee I was thinking of your one of your videos and thinking you had so many skills. Odd
    It is a very very strange/ funny coincidence that out of the blue you decided to come back. The same day I have a “memory” of you after years and years not seeing any of your videos anymore.
    I’m not at all spiritual or religious, but it did give me the chills… I don’t know what it means but it is too big of a coincidence to ignore. Would you by any chance have a theory? Or if you could say something to a stranger – what would it be? Fishing, I know 😅
    I’m glad you are back though! I look forward to seeing more from you!
    All the best,