Please Don’t Cry


Finally, after well over a month since starting this piece, it’s finished, and the baby (my son) who inspired it has finally arrived. Want to know something weird? I got this idea when I was around 6-7 months pregnant, and once potato arrived, the baby in this piece actually looked like him. Yes, a little creepy, but I think it’s creepy in a beautiful kind of way.

Please Don't Cry


Personally, I’ve always found the character of death to be very misunderstood. I’d imagine that if I was writing death as a character in one of my stories he would be a very sad one. So when I was doing the sketch for this I decided I wasn’t going to make death look angry or scary. Rather, it would be sad, looking at this baby and dreading the day it would learn to fear death.

I also wanted to make this piece very much open to interpretation with the quote at the bottom. Is it the baby saying don’t cry to death or the other way around? As for the crown deaths head, to be honest I chose those because I have a serious love for Ivy – so much so I wore some in my hair for my wedding – and poppies, I thought, were the perfect flowers for death to wear; bright red and the colour of blood, extremely delicate flowers which wilt the moment they are picked and also a symbol of remembrance.

Ivy also represents eternity – quite fitting for death – it’s also one of the toughest little plants ever! If you don’t like it and have some in your garden, well, I wish you luck removing it.


Skull One

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The original painting has already been sold, but if you want a print or other merch with this design you those are available here.