Emotions Series: Resentment


You know, for something that was so fun to draw and paint this piece was an absolute nightmare to scan. At some point, I think I might have to replace my scanner to something a little more powerful, because all the subtle yellows, greens, and blues were getting completely washed out. Which on one hand makes me quite proud because I wanted those tints to be subtle, I just didn’t expect them to be so subtle that the scanner wouldn’t pick them up.

Anyway, enough about my scanning issues, this is the first/next piece in the Emotions series, and funnily enough, I wasn’t looking forward to working on it that much. When I originally sketched it I wanted to get started on Apathy right away, but my Patreons wanted to see resentment first, so I got started.

Resentment Close Up

Normally before I start painting I make notes on important details I want to include, this way I can’t start experimenting and forgetting about my reasons for painting the piece the way I’d planned. As I got painting I did made a few changes though, the hair especially, which I’d originally planned to be a very natural red, but it didn’t seem quite right after I’d finished her skin to just make the hair red. I felt like it needed to look a little more colourfull, especially since the skin was bordering on a radioactive wash of colours. While the pose is quite relaxed overall I wanted everything else to radiate resentment and anger. At first, I considered doing more of a natural blend of colours, but when I tested it out it made her skin look to zombie-ish, so I switched to using a mixture of watercolour and inks in the final piece and I loved how they turned out!

I’d planned to use watercolors in the background of the next piece in the series, Apathy, but after seeing just how vibrant the inks I used turned out I think I’ll use those instead.

If you wanted a downloadable outline of this piece I’ve made it available on my Patreon