Emotions Series: Emotional Repression + DIY tutorial

Emotions Series Emotional repression

As some of you know from my last tutorial I’ve been playing around with my background and lighting to see what I could do with my photography. This one was a little frustrating at first (I’m so used to working with a black background) but in the end, I was happy with all the interesting colours I got, the reds, the magenta and shades of blue too.

This the Key I'll Never Use

The idea I had for this look was it would be an addition to my emotions series, specifically, I imagined it as self-repression or emotional repression. Originally I was going to cover the mouth too in a bark texture, to visually illustrate the inability to speak and express, but in the end, I decided to make it a little more subtle and draw lip art which showed vines growing from the mouth. All the while holding the key which can unlock the lock over her chest/heart, but not using it.

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