Easy Halloween Elegant Skull Makeup

Decorative Skull Makeup

Now that Halloween has finally started I thought I would start out with something simple, elegant and spooky. I was tempted to do this super elaborate skull look at first, with glitter, rhinestones and an absolute ton of black eyeshadow. But I felt like it would be better to start off with something which wouldn’t be too daunting. Plus, I’m a big believer in less is more, so it seemed right to start off the Halloween season with a look like this.

I’m also back to my good old dead-eye lenses (yes, I know I love those) and I was lucky enough to be sponsored by AC Lens today, so if any of you were thinking of trying the lenses out you can find them here.

Just as a small warning though if you’ve never tried mesh lenses before, it’s not like trying coloured lenses because you’re iris is covered by the mesh too, not just your iris. A few years ago I was stupid enough to go to a Halloween party which was in a dark pup and try to buy a drink with cash. I ended up having to hold all my cash out to the bartender to count it out for me and hope he was honest, that’s how blind I was. So be prepared to be visually impaired (but also look awesome!)

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