Real Life Disney: Ariel

Ariel Disney Thumbnail

Out of all the Disney looks, I’ve put off doing Ariel so far because it’s not quite as dramatic as other looks. The main thing about her is her hair and voice really, but today I really felt like doing something simple, super wearable and especially with glowy, healthy looking skin.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I recently set up a VidMe channel, and I’m slowly starting to move over my favourite tutorials onto that. It’s going to be a slow progress – for the moment I’m uploadingĀ one video a day of my old content – but once they’re all up I’m thinking of making new videos on there available on a Tuesdays, and then uploading to You Tube on a Friday. As I’m sure most of you are aware, You Tube has started to make it harder and harder for creators to even get their videos to their subscribers, along with a whole host of other issues. While I will not be leaving You Tube, I also don’t want to rely on them.

So if you want, you can now follow me on VidMe.