Zombie Trophy Hand Decoration

Zombie Hand

As if it wasn’t obvious enough that I have very morbid tastes, today I finally got around to finishing my zombie hand. She’s called Thumbelina – credit to DhinnaM for suggesting the name – and I love how she turned out! She’s been sitting on my desk, literally, withering away. Now she’s sitting right by the door, ready to warn people that they’re not going to see the kind of decor that they’re used to in my home.

I’ll be using Thumbelina in my next Anti-Sexy look, but she’s already up on eBay, so if you liked the look of her and want a non-conventional guard for your house (who needs a dog when you have a zombie hand, right?) then here’s where you can get her here.

One more thing I want to point out, I used alcohol activated makeup in this tutorial, but that was only because I was selling her and I wanted to make sure that the paintwork would be unmovable. You don’t need to use exactly what I use. In fact, you could use anything from lipstick to permanent markers. Whichever one works for you. Try it! I can promise you’ll either have fun, or have a prop left over to bring with you on a first date.

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  1. Morgan-rose says

    This is so creative and cool, definitely planning on bidding at some point :)

  2. sophie says

    “who needs a dog when you have a zombie hand, right?” why not having both!! :D

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