DIY Fairy Lashes

Fairy Lashes DIYFairy Lashes DIY

Like a lot of the DIY lashes I’ve made in the past, these are very simple to make. They require patience and a steady hand, but otherwise, they’re really simple to make. I made these out of dried tinted leaves, but with a bit of imagination, there are a million different looks you could make with paper, leaves or even feathers.

One thing I do want to point out though is please, please, don’t use regular glue to create these lashes. Especially something toxic like superglue. I always use cosmetic latex or lash glue. Believe me, they’ll be strong enough to hold the leaves down to the lashes – provided the lashes are thick enough to support them – and better yet, you know you won’t have your eyes weeping for the next 12 hours from a reaction to unsafe glue.

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  1. Hexia says

    they’re so pretty~!!
    wait but how do you tint dry leaves?? the leaves you used were so delicate and pale what species were they and did you use bleach to get them that pale?

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