Drawing Some of My Favourite Birds (and Turning them into Fabric)

Paintngs and Fabric

So, my sister has been pestering me to have a look at a fabric designing website she found for a while now called SpoonFlower. I kept putting it off because, between one thing and another, I just didn’t think I’d be particularly interested. Then I saw that they ran new challenges weekly on their website, and the bird and flowers theme caught my eye. I instantly started getting ideas and decided to go for it.

You can find the final cloth designs here

Unfortunately, the deadline was too close, and I wouldn’t have been able to finish the designs to the standard that I wanted. So I decided to miss the competition, finish the design anyway, and then enter the next challenge which interested me – which was the bugs challenge. (If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll already have seen me get started on this.)

Original Sketch Sketches

The Coal Tit Transfer Transfering Designs Final Transfers

I have a lot of favourite birds, swans and eagles especially, but I’m really fond of birds like blue tits, coal tits, pretty much any small bird. I think the Paridae family of birds are such simple, beautiful little things. I’m also lucky enough to have a nest of them not that far from my window, the mama likes to hop around on the windowsill a lot, so I get to see them quite often. One of my initial ideas was to add a robin to the designs too, but in the end, I thought I’d keep it to just the tit/Paridae family, though I might do a robin design at some point. Possibly closer to Christmas.

Finished Designs Watercolour Swatches High Creasted Tit

The Finishing Touches My Patern Design

It was quite funny though once I posted this up on SpoonFlower. It was late when I posted the design and I had two different sized patterns which I’d stupidly called big tits and small tits (hey, it was logical ok). I didn’t realise till I showed my sister the designs and she saw what I had called them.

Now that I’ve finished the series I’ll be selling them all on eBay. I’m not one of those people who like to keep old art, in fact, it drives me mad. Pretty much the moment I’ve finished a piece I start to see things I would do differently and better, so I’d rather it’d go to a home which would appreciate it better than I would.

You can buy the fabric here

Also, today I thought I’d try out doing a small vlog slowing the birds and bug designs I’ve been painting lately. I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll do constantly – for the moment I just want to see how you guys like it – so who knows. It might end up being a regular thing, but for the moment, I hope you like today’s video.


  1. Collin Howard says

    Hi Klair, I watched this video and was amazed, and I noticed that you said that your gold pen is more on the copper side. I have this pen pack that I got when I went to Japan last summer and it has a beautiful gold in it. The name of the pack is: Pilot Gel Ballpoint Pen Juice 0.5, 6 Metallic Color Set (LJU-60EF-6CM) (If this is a bother then I’m sorry, but I just wanted to tell you that this gold colour is beautiful.

  2. Reika says

    Hello Klaire, I watched your Art Vlog video. Your pictures are beautiful!
    I was surprised you had a Japanese colour palette.
    If you need, I can help how to read the Japanese language. Send me a palette picture that I can read the Japanese letters.
    Maybe this is none of my business but I want to help something for you.
    I’m Japanese , so I think my English is not good enough. sorry!!
    Thank you always for wonderful videos.

  3. Sarah says

    Hey Klaire,
    I really enjoied the art Vlog and I would like to watch more of these videos, if you deside to do them. The paintings were beautiful and they inspired me a lot. Sadly I don’t have a lot of spare time for drawing, because I’m graduating from school at the moment.
    I have a question, do you tape down the cards while you are painting?
    Whan I was doing little cards like this as a christmas present last year, I did them with watercolor and they started to wrinkle really quickly. I did use watercolor paper, it was only 190g/m^2 thoug. Do you have an advise for me?
    LG Sarah

    • Klaire says

      No, I never tape them. It’s damaged the surface of the paper too much for me. Instead, I water prime them (it’s very simple, stick the paper under the tap, wet it all over on both sides, leave it to dry, then paint on it). It won’t warp then :)

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