Making a Poppable Blister

Popping Blisters

Yup, you read that title right. Today I’m going to be showing you how to create a poppable blister. Because you never know when you might need to put someone off their dinner, permanently. Oddly enough it’s one of those special effects things that I’ve been trying to figure out for ages – over a year now -and I spent a good chunk of last weekend driving myself nuts trying to figure it out.

The problem was it’s easy enough to make something look like a blister with either blister gel or scar wax, but it either couldn’t stand up to much movement (so, useless if you’re doing this on an actor) or it was solid and you couldn’t pop it. You might think “when would I use this?”, well, imagine you’re working on the set of a series like Casualty, or Grey’s Anatomy? Or even if you just want to prank someone. The more realistic you can make it the better, so today I’m going to show you how to do it.

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