Carving A Guitar For The First Time

Carving a GuitarBefore this I’d carved a comb, a triptych, then I decided to be a little bold – possibly stupid – and carve a guitar. My friend Rob challenged me to carve one of his beautiful guitars, so obviously I took over a year and a half to psych myself up to it. After a couple of different ideas, I settled on a Celtic knotwork pattern and started on that. Once I actually got started it didn’t take me that long, I think in total it only took me around five to six days, though that was spread out over a period of about two weeks.

What I used:

ML-2 Chapman guitar • Hand Carving Set • Dremel KitDemel Heads Set • Pan Pastels • Fine Sandpaper • Matte Varnish • Beeswax • Silver paint •

I wanted the guitar to look rustic and worn without completely destroying the beautiful burnt red colour. To be perfectly honest I winged a lot of it as I was going on, so I was quite surprised at how happy I was with the final look.

If you’re looking to try to recreate this pattern on the exact guitar I used, unfortunately, it’s not longer sold. The closest version to it is the ML2 Standard, but you can recreate this on pretty much any guitar providing the body is made of wood.

For the moment I haven’t put the strings back in since I managed to break one, like a champion.  At some point, I’ll be giving it back to Rob for a giveaway on his channel. I’m not sure when it’ll be, but either way, I’ll announce it on social media, my blog or YouTube. So if you wanted to get your hands on it, keep an eye out ;)

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