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The power of Makeup

In my anti-sexy series I’ve been trying to show the more character-based, realistic side of makeup. Makeup that tells a story instead of just being about looking pretty or sexy. But there’s one look I haven’t done yet, which I’ve been dying to do, and that’s the two extremes of skin transformation makeup. It’s the kind of makeup you’ve seen a hundred times in various films, but they don’t really belong in my anti-sexy series. So today I want to dedicate an entire video just to this, all about skin and especially how to re-create acne realistically¬†(none of that ‘just put a few red dot’s on your face’ rubbish).

I’m wondering if it’s worth breaking down videos like this into smaller chunks, maybe in a character makeup series? There are so many different things you can do, like dry skin, dry lips, acne scarring, birthmarks, sunburn, moles, the list is endless. And some of them need a little more attention rather than just putting them in one of my regular tutorials. That way you can pick and choose the elements you want. What do you think? Any particular details you’d like a tutorial on?

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  1. SheinaLilith says

    I know it’s probably not your intention, but I’m not super pleased that you seem to be equating skin issues with being un-sexy. I mean, I’d like to see those skin issue videos, and I really enjoy your anti-sexy series, but they shouldn’t have anything to do with each other.