DIY Eyeball Jar


I don’t know why, but last week I decided I wanted to make a small series of preservation jars with eyeballs, hearts and brains in it. Today I started with an eyeball jar, yes, I know it’s a little more appropriate for Halloween,┬ábut I think you guys know I don’t like to box my videos into seasons. I was originally going to make it into a necklace, but now I think I’ll just keep them (when I’ve finished the set) as a decoration on my desk. Seems like a good way to warn people what kind of house they’re in before they get too comfortable.

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  1. Sophie says

    You should make Hearts next, I’m planing to make this but in kind of full size to have in my lovely house, to scare the s**t out of my sisters’ friends

  2. Dragon Queen says

    That is really gross and freaky, and really awesome. I need to do that to scare my brother. >:)