Wraith Makeup

Wraith Thumbnail

There are two pictures I’ve had on my desktop for the last two months which I’ve been meaning to combine into a look for ages. One is a look from Dustin Baylard and the other from Saeed Ramez. Originally I was going to do a separate look for each of them, but then I thought, why not just combine the two?

Green Makeup

I made the crown for this based on Baylard’s look, but I loved the ghostly green colour of Saeed Ramez’s queen concept drawing so much I decided to take elements from both their pieces. When I last filmed my Anti-Sexy Harley Quinn look I accidently permanently dyed the wig blue and pink, so I decided to butcher it a bit more, cover it in glow-in-the-dark paint, and add small touches of black and green to the rest of the wig for that wraith-like glow.

Ghost Makeup

I don’t know about you, but darker looks are always my favourite. Especially if they involve long wispy lashes. Though it’s odd how much creepier this look was when I took my blue lenses off. Having the rest of my skin hair and eyebrows so pale my eyes looked almost complete black. It was awesome!

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