Bridal Makeup: Spring

Simple Spring Bridal Makeup

Finally, I’ve started one of the series I’ve been promising for ages, the bridal makeup series. The plan is to do a few specific looks; bridal makeup for spring, summer, winter, artistic and a classic, heavier, evening look.  Today’s look is simple, barely-there foundation, a light touch of lipstick but the main focus is the eyes.

Spring Bridal Makeup 2017

I think in most of these looks I’ll be avoiding strip lashes. If you’re not used to them they’re fiddly, and the moment your eyes get a little teary, they have a horrible tendency to lift in the inner corners. The last thing you want, so I’ll probably be sticking to mascara and individual lashes for most of these looks. Btw, which one out of the bridal look themes I mentioned above would you like to see next?

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  1. Helena C. says

    Since you started of with spring it would be nice to see summer autumn and winter next :)

    By the way, love this look, it looks really nice, it’s perfect ❤

  2. Clare Davis says

    Gorgeous Klaire! Such a refreshing bridal look.

    I’d love to see a heavier goth-bride/metal-bride look from you, as a contrast.