Spider in the Brain

Spider in the Brain

Today I’m going to incorporate one of my worst fears into a makeup tutorial, spiders. The only thing that scares me more are sharks, so maybe I should do a shark in the brain look soon, but for the moment I’ll start with spiders.

There are two other variations of this look you could do. A space spider – paint the legs and eyes neon colours and have neon blue blood – or a more elaborate one with webs over the head and a few oversized spider eggs at the back of your head.

Making the spider eggs is easy, and one of my favourite mediums, the good old glue gun. Just make a small cap for the back of your head, cover it with round little blobs of glue (use a low heat glue gun so that the glue doesn’t flatten out) and create a mesh pattern with the glue gun so that once it’s dried you can weave your hair through the edges. Finally, finish off by covering the ‘eggs’ with a layer of fake webs. Just like a real spiders nest.

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