Snow Leopard Makeup – Winter Makeup


Today is quite an exciting day for me since I’m working with the BBC – you don’t get to say that every day – to promote Plant Earth II. The theme was this beautiful Snow Leopard, and at first I was quite tempted to do a face painting tutorial based on the snow leopard. But I felt like it would be more of a challenge to take this beautiful animal and turn it into a makeup look which was wearable, simple and bold.

You can watch the trailer for Planet Earth II here

Also, since I made a tutorial recently on how I made my dramatic lashes I thought it would be nice to show a slightly more wearable but creative use for them. Honestly, there are so many hundreds of variations you could make, just with a little bit of lash glue and some paper. If I wasn’t absolutely sure that Snow Leopards don’t wear rhinestones I would have stuck a few of them at the end of the white flares too. Maybe I’ll do that next for my Evil Snow Queen look.

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