Anti-Sexy Vampire


I think it was around 4 years ago that I did my first Vampire tutorial, and today I wanted to do something more on the intentionally ugly side of the spectrum. I’d imagine that if you’d just been turned into a Vampire you’d look pretty terrible for the first few days while your whole body is slowly shutting down, or after you’d just drank your first kill. I can’t imagine that would be very fun for you, or for the victim. So I wanted the skin to look blotchy and irritated with messy eye makeup and blood stained lips. You know, the perfect first date makeup.

You can see my tutorial on the hands here

Once again, my aim with this series is not to create characters with the goal of doing ‘pretty’ makeup. I want them to look worn, dirty, bloody and – sometimes – quite sick. You know, real characters, not mannequins. But if that is not your kind of thing, I have a more traditional vampire look here.

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    Ha! This would have been the perfect look if I saw this earlier. Anyway, I will be closely following your blog from now on. Cheers!