Halloween: Geometric Skull


Of course, with Halloween coming up, I suspect most people will dress up as as Zombies, Vampires, Mermaids or Zipper-faces. Now I know not everyone wants to look dead or bloody this Halloween, heck, some of you might actually want a relatively simple look. So today I’ll be doing a look which is very easy to do, if you want you could easily skip the lines, just make the headdress and go with the much more wearable first part of the tutorial.


The headdress is for sale here 

The tutorial for the headdress will be going live on Tuesday, but in case you wanted to own it, I’ve put it for sale on eBay. One last idea for this makeup look. Instead of neon eyeshadow, you could easily paint/draw the lines with glow in the dark paint, just maybe skip out on the horns though if you’re planning on wearing that variation of this look to a club. I can’t imagine pointy, delicate things on your head in a dark crowded room would end very well.

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