Halloween – Dustin Bailard Inspired Makeup


It seems like every Halloween GoldieStarling and I do another collab – not that I’m complaining – and this time Angie introduced me to this amazing illustrator Dustin Bailard. If you’re into the creepy, beautiful looks like I am you’re going to love this work!

You can watch Angie’s tutorial here

Now onto the bad news. I don’t know how on earth I managed to do this, but I managed to loose the memory card with the first half of this tutorial. Normally I would have re-filmed the look, but Angie had already spent so much time filming and editing her look I didn’t want to throw a spanner in the mix. I hope you don’t mind.


So, with that being said I’m going to do my best to explain the first part of the tutorial here. Although it might look complicated, it really isn’t. You want to take a white foundation – or a foundation which is light enough to make you look ghostly – apply a small amount along the middle of your face, and then blend outward towards the rest of the face. You want a gradient of white, not a mask of it.

The nose and cheekbones were contoured heavily with a grey eyeshadow from MUA, then I took my favourite black eyeshadow, Bulletproof, and drew some obvious lines around and down from the nose. As for the brows, those I widdened in the middle by lightening them with the same white foundation I used earlier. Then I re-shaped them using first a grey eyeshadow, and then a black eyeshadow at the very ends of my brows.

As for the eyes, I used a light touch of red under the eyes, which I then blended half way down the face. And on the outer corners of my eyes I applied a small amount of purple before I blended the Kiki gunmetal shadow stick over the upper lid and blended it up towards the start of my brows and the outer corners of my eyes. The rest of the look, thankfully, I have the tutorial for.

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  1. Brandy says

    Simply Amazing! I have just discovered your site when you posted this, and these are the most beautiful and breath-taking works I have ever seen. The posting date of this one threw me off at first, seeing that it is only the 14th here, but I figured it out. :) I thank you so very, very much for the tutorials. My daughters are so excited about Halloween now. I will definitely be referring my friends to your site and channels.