Taking An Ear Cast


Apparently having a face cast on my desk wasn’t decorative enough, now I have two ears sitting there as well, and they look gorgeous! Apart from looking lovely, they’re also very useful for making custom prosthetic ears. Today I’ll just be showing you how to cast them, but tomorrow, I’ll show you how to sculpt and make a latex ears which is are much less flat than the tutorial I uploaded yesterday, and will fit your ears much better.

A few things which I didn’t mention in the video which I want to elaborate here; don’t try this on yourself. Trust me, it ends badly. Apart from being uncomfortable, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get a good cast, and you’ll almost definitely get alginate everywhere. Trust me, get a friend to help you, or pick a sibling/relative who has an ear shape similar to you – which is what I did.

And lastly, make sure the model is comfortable. Some people will prefer to have their ears cast lying down with a pillow propped under their head, some will prefer to lean their head on the table – which is what mine did – either way, try to always make it as comfortable for them as possible. They’re the ones who are going to have alginate mummifying their ears.

What I used:

Old Coleslaw Pots • Kitchen Tissue • Vaseline • Cling Film • Dental Alginate • Stone Powder • Sculpting Tools • Old Toothbrush

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Today I’ll just be showing you how to cast them, but tomorrow I’ll show you how to sculpt and make custom latex ears . I’ll also be using them at a later date to make Spock ears, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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