Halloween – The Scarecrow


Right now I have some ears drying on my desk, an Ice Queen crown in pieces waiting to be assembled, and one half-finished eye hairbrush. While I’m finishing all these off I thought I would do something a little creepy, but simple. Some of my tutorials use quite a few different tools, products, and brushes, and especially if someone isn’t really into makeup their options are going to be pretty limited. So today I thought I would try and do something that’s very simple to re-create and can be done on a shoe-string budget.


In this tutorial I used sculpt gel, but you can use scar wax, latex (just avoid getting it on your eyebrows or too close to the eyes) or even lash glue. I wanted something which looked oily and oozy today, which is why I went for the sculpt gel, but if you want a similar effect, with scar wax for example, just speckle fake sweat or vaseline on top. As for the Ben Nye grease, that one is simple. A black or brown eyeshadow will do, then just add either vaseline or a light application of moisturiser on top to get that oily look.

What I used:

Flash Palette Dupe •  Sackcloth Threads •  Sculp Gel •

Ben Nye Clean GreaseLatex • Lash Glue

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Of course, being Halloween you could make this a lot more gory, especially since the threads are meant to look fused into the skin. I think most of you know I like to take it easy on the blood. As far as realistic special effects go, there are very few non-fatal injuries which are going to squirt blood all over the place, but if you want to, feel free to add drips of blood between the threads.

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