Cat Eye Hair Brush


I think if I had to choose just one facial feature to draw for the rest of my life it would definately be eyes. I find them facinating! Human, feline, reptile, all of them are all so expressive and varied in their colours and patterns. Especially when things like fur and scales come into play. If you haven’t seen it already I did a reptile eye tutorial a while ago, but I hadn’t done a cat so far, though it was hard to choose which kind of car I wanted to do. In the end, I chose a normal house cat rather than something like a tiger or a snow leopard, though I won’t be ruling doing those at a later date.


What I used:

Wooden Hairbrush • Faber and Castel Pens • Cretacolour White Pencil • Clear Spray Paint • Varnish

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In case you were wondering, yes, I am selling this hair brush (you can bid on it here). There are only so many hair brushes I can actually use, and I’ve already made three of these. Next, I think I need to do another human eye with winged eyeliner, or maybe an owl, or a wolf? I’m not sure.

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