Anti-Sexy Harley Quinn


Yes, I know. Harley Quinn is not really the first thing you think of when you think anti-sexy, the character has always been sexy. That’s the point of her, along with a heavy dose of crazy/infatuated.  But like I’ve mentioned before, this anti-sexy series isn’t aimed at making the characters unattractive, just more realistic. And when you consider that in Suicide Squad her boyfriend – aka, the joker – electrocutes her character, well, that should show up!


I was also especially fond of her makeup later on in the film where it’s messy and grungy from her crying in the rain, so I thought I’d blend the two. As for the shirt, that I just tore and dripped red food colouring all around the collar. One a bright red, for more recent blood, and one brown, for dried old blood. I think I need to do more crazy characters in future for my anti-sexy series. Maybe a zombie hunter next?

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  1. primu says

    Lovely as always. Although I do agree that the Joker is not an ideal BF but at least in this film he seems to love her abite in a sadistic way. In the original cartoon/comic he hardly care about her at all.

  2. says

    I love this series! Like you say, they’re all still good looks but you look like you’ve been through something, seen action, you are that character.
    Zombie hunter would be amazing, or an Wiccan/ witch (without the warts and green)
    Can’t wait for whatever you choose next! 😄

  3. Sarah says

    A Zombie hunter would be so cool. I have to admit that i am scared, no terrifaid of zombies, but an anti-sexy Zombie hunter would look awesome.
    A male one maybe? ;) (or does the word Hunter automatically point to a male caracter?)
    Harley’s look is awesome, btw. I didnt notice the jokers ruff side in this movie so much, thou. (probably tons of spelling mistakes)

  4. Sophie says

    Hey Klaire what about an Anti-sexy military woman, with dirth all over the face and maybe even a few scars on the body for being in the war zone :)