Emotions Series: Contentment

Emotions Series Contentment

The other day I was watching TV for the first time in months and it really hit me just how many beauty adverts are themed on looking flawless all the time. No grey hair, clear flawless skin, rigid eyebrows with not so much as a single hair out of line and perfect makeup/eyeliner.

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I'm Perfectly Contented

So today I thought I do a look based on the emotion of contentment with grey hair, beautiful freckles, slightly overgrown eyebrows and very unstructured eyeliner. Of course, there are ways you could take this even further, maybe add some silver eyeliner between the black? Or maybe some green too like my sloth look? Either way, finish it off with a large smile and you’re done.

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    I really love this look ! It reminds me of when I tell people I love my not so perfect features (won’t call them imperfection) and they look at me oddly while saying ‘that’s great’; you don’t need to be a perfect beauty to be able to love yourself ! I love my big front teeth, I love my slightly larger than normal nose, I love everything in me that reminds me of my parents :) Thank you Klaire for sharing this beautiful makeup ♥