Easy Festival Headband

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 00.04.07

Here’s a little confession on my part, I’ve never actually been to a festival. I know, I know, it’s on my list, I’ll get to it. But a few days ago I had a request asking for me to make an easy but cute festival headband, so I did.

I also have an easy flower headband tutorial on my old channel here

There are so many different variations of this you could do. If fake flowers aren’t your thing then feel free to use dried real flowers or even beads, especially if they’re shinny or colourfull. Anything pretty or sparkly that you can wrap around the wire will look good. Maybe even cut out pieces of lace to lie across it and make it into regular lace cat ears – just make sure the lace is the same colour as the wire. You just need a glue gun, a little imagination and you’re good to go.

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