Suicide Squad: Killer Croc

Suicide Squad Killer Croc Cosplay

And finally the look I’ve been dreading and looking forward to for the Suicide Squad looks, Killer Croc. I ended up hand drawing the scales since I was worried I wouldn’t be able to replicate the pattern Killer Croc had if I used a stencil, but if this is too daunting to you feel free to use a stencil and just move it to follow the black guidelines you’ll be drawing first on your face.

I didn’t have sclera lenses which would work for this character so I added the reptilian effect to my eyes digitally

As far as the brushes that I used, the majority of them were from The Works. For heavier looks like this I prefer to use art brushes, since they tend to handle abuse and heavy creams much better.

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  1. Vilde says

    An amazing tutorial as usual! I find you to be such an inspiration in both art, makeup and writing. You seem to have such a beautiful soul and I just wanted to tell you that :)