Knuckle Scrape


It occurred to me a few weeks ago that a lot of the special effects I’ve done have involved using sculpt gel or scar wax, so I wanted to show what you can do with latex. If you don’t have latex that’s fine, you can still use scar wax or sculpt gel, but the reason I wanted to use latex over sculpt gel is because it’s a lot more flexible. You can still flex and move your fingers without it tearing. Scar wax doesn’t tend to be that flexible. It’s great on surfaces which won’t bend or flex much like your forehead or nose, but on a joint it’s going to wrinkle and pull away after a while.

What I used:

Bone Wax • Severe Exposure Wheel •Liquid Latex • Latex ThickenerStainless Steel Sculpting Tools Red Food Colouring • Black Eyeshadow

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Sculpt gel is my personal favourite product to use, but it is very expensive so if you want to use that then go ahead, but if you want a more budget-friendly option then I hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful.

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  1. Gabriel says

    Question where can I get all of the special effect tools and stuff

    PS I live I. Victorville CA