DIY: Spiral Horns


So far I’ve shown how to make horns with hot glue, tin foil, papier mache and now styrofoam. I tend to buy the majority of things from Amazon, and with that normally comes an excessive amount of packaging which I  try to reuse in DIY projects. Recently I got a small block of styrofoam and, or course, the first thing I thought of was “yay! More horns!”

I’ll be using these horns for the next look in my emotions series, curiosity

Of course, there is a glue gun involved, but that’s mainly to maintain the shape of the horns a little more one I spray painted it. Most spray paints with eat away at styrofoam, which in this case is exactly what I wanted to get that ‘bubbly’ speckled look. Of course, you could do without spray paint and just use acrylic paint, if that’s what you prefer to go ahead and do just that.

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