DIY: Shell Jar

Shell Jar

If you’re having a bit of a case of deja-vu, yes, I did do a tutorial like this several months ago, but if you’ve been following me on Instagram you know that I was an absolute clutz and managed to break it. It was one of my favourite jars so I wanted to remake it, this time with a small tweak. Annoyingly the glitter is so fine it doesn’t pick up very well on camera, but like I mentioned in the video, one thing you can do if this happens is re-apply the glitter in thin lines around the shells so that it looks like a glitter fingerprint.

What I used:

Old Jar • Stone Powder (or poly filler) • Glitter • Sea Shells • Clear Spray Paint

Quick tip: You know sometimes when you buy or collect shells from the beach they look dull and grey? Well, take an old toothbrush and some vinegar, give them a good scrub and then rinse them in water. Not only should it get rid of any lingering ‘sea’ smell, it’ll bring back the shine and luster the shell originally had.

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