My Everyday Makeup

My Usual Simple Makeup

I post a lot of very heavy, artistic and flamboyant looks most of the time. Usually, when I apply makeup I like to go big or go home, but for every day, or rather on the days I’m going out, my actual makeup is a lot simpler. Heck, sometimes I skip out even the BB Cream and just go for a bit of eyeliner. I’m really low maintenance as far as makeup goes in real life. I’m not bothered if people can see I haven’t perfectly covered up every possible blemish, I figure if that offends someone then that’s not the kind of person I want in my life anyway. So today I thought I’d show you the style of makeup I usual go for.

What I used:

Klairs BB Cream • Caylin BB CreamLilly Lolo Powder • Milani Rose BlushMUA Black EyeshadowIllamasqua Black Eyeshadow • Aldi Mascara • Besame Lipstick in Dusty Rose • Besame Cherry Red Lipstick •  Besame Cake Mascara • Kabuki Brush

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links 

Most of my makeup brushes are from Hakuhodo. Ever since I won a set from MissChevious I’ve been completely addicted to them. They’re so soft and incredibly well made! Every time I’ve gone to IMATS I’ve picked up a new brush and now I think I have all the brushes I need for my personal kit. There are a few non-hakuhodo brushes in my personal kit too, a regular paint brush (which I used for eyeliner and brows), a Kabuki brush and what I call a toothbrush makeup brush. At some point I might do a small video about my personal makeup kit and what I have in it, but for the moment I hope you like this tutorial.

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