Trying Some New Hair Products

Trying New Products

This last month I’ve been trying to be a lot more kind to my hair. Normally I wash it, I brush it, I apply a little hair oil on the ends every few days, and that’s it. Now that it’s getting longer – it’s just starting to reach past my shoulders – I’ve been trying to condition it more frequently and do it up a little more to encourage it to grow faster and stronger. Here’s what I’ve been trying so far this month:

Avalon Organics • Clarifying Lemon Conditioner:

Normally I’d have headed straight to Lush for a conditioner, but I saw this one in Holland and Barett a few weeks ago and thought it was about time I experimented with other brands a little. Overall, it’s quite an ok product. It smells lovely and leaves my hair nicely conditioned after I’ve rinsed it  out. On the negative side its an exercise in finger strength trying to squeeze anything out of this bottle, and I’ve found that a lot of the time I have to shampoo my hair twice after using it or it leaves a residue. Overall, I think I’ll keep searching.

Lush Shampoo Bars • Montalbano and Honey I Washed My Hair 

If you haven’t tried the lush shampoo bars I suggest you give them a try. I haven’t used a liquid shampoo for years. That’s how much I love them! I’ve used Honey I Washed My Hair before – which I’m just going to abbreviate toHIWMH from now on – but Montalbano was new to me. I love both of them. HIWMH is just another addition to my honey addition, and Montalbano smells strongly of lemons, along with having a chunk of dried lemon in it. I’m not massively fond of having bit’s of dried fruit in beauty products normally, but it washes my hair so well and smells so zesty I can forgive it.

Aromatherapy Roller

Argan Oil • Aromatherapy Bottle

This is something I’ve been using for a very, very long time. I’m not fond of the smell of Argan Oil, too much of a nutty smell for me, but in small amounts it’s not that noticeable, and it keeps my hair so much healthier and stronger when I use it. One thing I love to do is to keep it in an aromatherapy roller ball bottle. When I want to rub a bit of oil into the end of my hair I just run the roller over my hands a few times and then massage it through the ends of my hair. It prevents me from applying too much and makes it so much easier to economise on space when I’m travelling.

Hair Grips

I love these little things! If I just want to clip the hair out of my eyes two clips on either side will do it. If I want to put my hair up in a casual french bun, these will do as well. I wish I’d gotten my hands on these ages ago! They would have been an absolute lifesaver when my hair was at that annoying too-short-to-tie-back stage.

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    Thanks for sharing! I would love to try that Avalon conditioner. I bet it smells amazing and the oil how do you use it? roll it in your hands? how? and how much much was it for both products? :)