DIY: Jurassic Ammonite Jar

Jurassic Ammonite Jar

Sometimes when I film these tutorials I’m never sure how to start them because there are so many different ways you could do them. You could marble the Ammonite shell, foil it with gold or silver foil, paint it a marbled blue, if you’re a rhinestone lover like me, well, you get the picture. Today I’ll be doing this version, but I’m very tempted to do a few variation on this tutorial in the future.

What I used:

Cleaned Honey Jar • PolyfillerAmmonite MoldDAS Modeling Clay • Brown Ink • Gold Ink •

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I have another mould for a trilobite which I’ll be doing a tutorial for soon as well but, obviously, it’ll be a different technique. This time with just plaster and I’ll be showing a cool little way you can get the plaster in the mold to dry to the curvature of whatever jar you want to stick the trilobite cast to. But, before I get ahead of myself, here is the tutorial on how to create an Ammonite jar. 

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