DIY: Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Mask

post apocalyptic steampunk

There’s something oddly cathartic about taking an old broken watch and breaking it up into hundreds of pieces. I’ve had two watches sitting in my props draw for well over two years now just shrieking at me to use them, and today I finally did. Granted, probably not in the way they thought I would, but I’m really happy with how the mask ended up looking. Old, busted and clock-y enough (is that even a word?) for any steampunk fan.

What I used:

Respirator Mask • Gold Spray Paint • Bronze Spray Paint • Textured Spray Paint • Gold Nail Varnish • Old Watches • Glue Gun • Marker Spritzer • Brown Permanent Marker •

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I can’t wait to see what you’ll think of the look I made this for! Obviously, it’ll be a post-appocalyptic steampunk themed look, but I’ll probably be doing two versions of it. One which will be clean and glamorous, the other which will be another addition to my ‘anti-sexy‘ tutorial mini-series idea of having looks which are slightly more realistic and grungy.

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  1. Sophie says

    The fact that you say i’ll be “Anti-Sexy” makes me wonder if it’ll be true knowing that the Pirate that you made was not “Anti-Sexy” :D