Emotions Series: Terror

Is It Me You're Hiding From

When I was filming my look for fear I knew I wanted to do a different look for terror since I think it’s quite a different emotion. When I think of terror I think of something which is emotionally – and at times – physically, crippling. Quite different to fear which can be hidden from an outside viewer.

I wanted this look to be reminiscent of great horror characters like the grudge, a character which still creeps me out

When I think of terror I think of the skin on the face peeling away. How I made the strips of skin was easy. Find any kind of plastic sheet (you can use filing wallet sleeves) and draw out thin strips of liquid latex on it. Wait for it to dry, powder it while you peel it off and that’s it. Simple!

Let's Play A Game

I actually had a bit of an accident while I was putting in the lenses for these. Before I apply lenses (and before I have any makeup on my waterline) I like to go through my lashes with a spoolie to make sure that no powder on the lashes can accidentally end up on the underside of the lens and end up irritating my eye.

Hide and Seek

I’d done my right eye but while I was doing my left eye my doorbell buzzed (it’s the worst sound ever) and I poked myself in the eye. It hurt like hell! My eye was bright red and swollen for the rest of they day, so I decided to just cover my eye as much as possible in the photos since I wasn’t about to put a lens over it in that state. Part of me thinks this was just the postman’s way of getting revenge, I’ve opened the door so many times now looking like something which crawled straight from the bowels of hell, I guess he wanted payback.

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  1. says

    Hi Klaire, I’ve been a fan for a while now and I love all of your work!! could you please consider doing a special effects make-up tutorial on Eugene(or arseface) of the comicbook/TV-series Preacher?!? It’ll be really challenging but I think it’s right up your ally;)

  2. Sophie says

    You should put a camera outside your Door and film the reaction of every postman who knocks the door when they see you like a creepy creature XD