Ripped Off

Torn Up

I really do like extremes don’t I? One week it’s Hope, glitter and smiles everywhere, next week it’s a ripped of digit and a fair few people permanently put off their breakfast. This look takes a little more time to re-create than my ripped up nail look, but it is pretty simple to do once it’s broken down into small chunks – no pun intended.

What I used:

Fimo Clay • LatexBen Nye Scar Wax • Stainless Steel ToolSmall Palette Knife • Ben Nye Colour WheelBen Nye Thick Blood • Red Food Colouring • Pustule Filler

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Ripp Off skin and bone

If you’re feeling especially evil you can do this look, calmly walk up to a friend (or a long-suffering family member) and give them a thumbs up. By now my family know never to trust me when I come up to them with a grin on my face, so unfortunately, I couldn’t get away with it.

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  1. Paul Coal says

    An accurate, excellent work, a fake accident which absolutely affects people’s imagination.

  2. Sophie says

    I Just cant stop imaging your family all like “ehh” when you come up to them with half of your face broken down all bloody and half death