Emotions Series: Despair

Despair Makeup

I was going to try and do a more cheerful look this week, but I couldn’t help myself and ended up doing something dark and depressing. Since I’m doing despair today I wanted to do something that used glitter, like in the Hope look I did, but in a way that looked more like it was fading away rather than emerging. And instead of warm light for the photography I put blue film over the lights to make the pictures look colder. 
Not Much Left Hopelessness

Originally I had planned to wear some white mesh lenses with this look, but hayfever has not been my friend lately, so lenses were out of the question. But as you can see special effect lenses aren’t really necessary, you can quite easily get away with no lenses at all and still have a creepy look.

I have planned to film Terror next for this series, but I’m going to see if I can possibly squeeze a happy look out of my brain before next Friday, even though I really want to film Resentment and Malice as soon as possible. What can I say, dark looks make me happy. Plus they really freak out cold callers when I answer the door.

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  1. Sophie says

    I can only imagine the look on those people who came knocking your door expecting to see a normal women and then you pop put with some creepy look on your face Hajaha if that was me I’d probably run the heck away of your house

  2. Paolo Carbone says

    I am in despair myself because of watching your dramatic look: it’s a very sorrowful make-up… Probably, these works get you clear your mind from pain and sickness (just felt).
    Good work, you have effectively expressed this emotion!