Emotion Series: Anxiety


You’re going to have to forgive the lack of foundation this week. I’m still recovering from my hospital visit a few weeks ago, I still feel like death and the idea of putting foundation on just made me want to scream. So I thought I’d work with how I’m feeling (and looking) and do a look based on anxiety. I didn’t think heavy eye makeup to make my eyes look bigger was appropriate for this look, so instead I digitally enlarged them.


Btw which look in the emotions series do you want to see next? I’m planing to film despair for this Friday, but I would really like some suggestions for happy looks which aren’t just joy. Some people mentioned euphoria and enlightenment, if you have any other suggestions feel free to leave them too.

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  1. Paolo Carbone says

    Anxiety is the hidden enemy, that suddenly grabs you as a killer. I know it. This is a very affective make up…
    Could you personify “depression”?
    And about “quietness” or “trust”?

  2. says

    Maybe you could do giddy? I mean, it’s kind of already joy, but I always think giddy is a little more uncontrollable, like laughing hysterically at cheesy, undeserving jokes. Good job by the way 😄

  3. Isabel says

    Love the idea of the pulling hands for anxiety, very effective! I’d love to see something like ‘relief’ as a look.

  4. Jackie says

    Maybe luck? :) I always have luck in my life and my friends call me little lucky mojo so maybe it? Its not an emotion itself but..
    Or maybe calm? Like “everything is okay and I dont need to worry about anything so Im so calm and relaxed”

  5. Rachel Colonna says

    How about surprise for one of the emotions curiosity! 😃 Hope you feel better soon. 😢

  6. Sarah says

    How about Freedom, it may not technically be an emotion. But right know its a big deal in my country in Austria. You my have heard about the many refugees who are comming to our country. i have talked to some and they say that they feel that they are free now to go to school and study and get a job and have a futur. Maybe you could do that ?

  7. Jeanette says

    Brave/courage, the feeling that although there is fear you can face it.
    Peace, wonder struck, cherished, loved, touched, blessed, Proud, satisfied, overwhelmed(although not entirely positive could be interesting to do)

  8. Millie says

    This is so touching, you really capture what anxiety can bring up.

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been in hospital, sending lots of well wishes – I hope it was nothing too troublesome.

    I think Relief would be a nice emotion to see.