Recycling My False Lashes

Recyling False Lashes

As you can imagine over the years I’ve used up a lot of false lashes. Generally I’m not a fan of throwing things away if I can avoid it. There is almost always a way to recycle things, maybe even turn it into a little piece of art? So today I want to show you the eye art pieces I’ve been creating over the past two years and how to make them.

Most of the time I use watercolours to make these, but I’ve used acrylic paints, even coffee! I love waiting till I’ve collected enough lashes, then just sitting down, picking up whatever medium takes my fancy and letting my hands do the thinking.

The Collection

What I used: The Works Canvas Pack • Watercolour palette • False Lashes • Clear Nail Varnish


If you want to see how I put together the custom water colour palette I have a blog post about it here. Like I mentioned before, you don’t have to use watercolour, you can use whatever you want. You could even use makeup if you wanted? Actually, let’s make this into a challenge. If you liked the idea behind this videos what medium would you like me to use next?

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  1. says

    I absolutely love them. Could you possibly draw one entirely with pencil? Or maybe even melted wax?
    You are so inspirational.

  2. Tell Delvia says

    Have you put this idea into pinterest ? Because it this very creative. I know you have an account in pinterest