DIY Waterfall Necklace


A few weeks ago I was having a clean through my wardrobe/jewellery and found three necklaces which I’d set aside well over a year ago to break up and make into a waterfall necklace. I’d already put it off for long enough, so I laid them all out on my desk and started to break them up. If you want to make something similar it’s really not hard. You just have to keep an eye out for a few necklaces you like, break them up and put them together. It really is that simple.

Necklace Selection

Step 1:

Lay everything out on your desk and start running through ideas in your head. Start with what piece you want around your neck, then work your way down. Some of these ideas are probably going to change once you start taking everything apart, but it’s important to do this step first incase you still want to collect one or two more necklaces.

Breaking Up The Necklaces

Step 2:

Break everything apart. And when I say break I mean take a pair of pliers and carefully undo the joints in the necklace. Once that’s done lay everything out on your desk and start it stack it all out how you want it. This part is going to be a little like jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes you’re not sure which piece will fit with another until you lay them out.

Finishing the necklace

Step 4:

Start to put all the pieces together. Believe me when I say this part will take you a lot longer than you think, so find a film or a documentary you can put on in the background because you’re going to be twisting wire for a while. Some pieces will work just as you planned, some won’t hang right so you’ll have to switch things around a little bit, and some you’ll decide just don’t work with the overall look of the necklace and you’ll have to get rid of them.

DIY Necklace Finished

And that’s it!

While it’s not exactly the least time consuming project to work on it is pretty simple to make, and it looks awesome with a simple black maxi dress and some silver hoop earrings. As for the spare pieces, keep those in a spare box if you can, especially if you want to make another necklace in future.


  1. Panya says

    That’s awesome! I love necklaces like this, but I’ve a large bust, so I can’t wear them. Well, I guess I *could* wear them if I really wanted to, but it seems like it’s a lot of “LOOK AT MY CHEST” when I’ve already got enough of that going on, lol.