Emotion Series: Hope

Emotions Series - A Little Bit Of Hopefullness

Quite a few of the Emotions series I’ve been doing lately have been quite dark. Sometimes, especially when I read the news, I feel like I could do with a bit of hope. So today’s look will be hope.

For me I see hope in a few things: nature, creativity, light and music.

As much as I was tempted to have this look with vines and flowers coming out of my eyes in the end I decided I wanted it to be simple and more subtle than that. Just big (hopeful) eyes and a hint of winter around my face with some ice and snow.

Emotions Series - Hope Emotions Series - A Little Bit Of Hope Emotions Series - It's Not All Terrible

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  1. Elle says

    Loving this series! Last one for Fear has been my favorite so far. Keep creating and posting! Thanks for your work, tutorials, and product reviews!

  2. Paolo Carbone says

    Your face is brightened, as if you released an internal light: this emphasizes your splendid make up.