Emotions Series: Fear

Emotions Series Fear

Here is a little fact about me. I’ve never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, why? Because ever since I saw the advert for it when I was little, the characters have scared the life out of me. When I think of fear – not terror – but fear, I see a 1920’s noir look with a heavy dose of Tim Burton.

At some point I’ll doing doing terror, but fear, I wanted that to be a lot more toned down. You can be fearful and still hide it to a degree, but terror is something quite different, much more intense and obvious to an outside observer. So I wanted there to be an obvious difference between the two emotions in this series.

Old Fear

While the eye makeup was meant to allude to a Burton-esque asthetic, the lip art was where I wanted to hint more at fear in a more obvious way and make the liner on the outside of the lower lip look a little bit like fangs. Though for some reason it reminded me more of a spider once I’d done it.

I Am Afraid

Before I forget to mention it, I’ve made a few decisions this last week. Before you freak you, don’t worry, it’s nothing like quitting YouTube. Quite the opposite. What I’ve decided is that after this month I’m no longer going to upload any more videos on my second channel, instead all my uploads are going to be on my main channel. So instead of just one makeup tutorial on KlairedelysArt going up on Friday’s I’ll have two videos going up. One on Tuesday (or every other Tuesday) which will be anything from a DIY to favourites video, and one on Friday which will be my regular makeup tutorials.

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    Wow. I absolutely love your emotion series! Do you think you could try confusion or indecision? I really love these though! Although its subtlety creepy it’s not like Death, that one freaks me out every time😁 Fear really looks like, well, fear.
    P.S. Yay! Your website is back up!!!😄