Emotions Series: Heartbreak

The Heartbroken Makeup

A lot of you have probably noticed this last week that my blog has been having a few issues, I’m trying to get them fixed as soon as possible, but I think I should probably give you a little heads up that it might crash a few times more over the next few weeks while I start making a few changes/improvements.

For the second look in my Emotions series I wanted to do Heartbreak. The way I imagined it, or rather the way it’s felt for me, is as though your heart has cracked open like glass. I wanted to take it a little bit further and have the cracks spread up from the heart to the eyes.

Breaking My Heart Only Love Can Hurt Like This

At some point I’m going to do Grief for this series too, and I think it’s going to end up being very similar to this look, but even more extreme. Less of a crack in the surface and more like open heart surgery.

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