DIY Octopi Tentacle

The Siren

I’ve taken a bit of a while to upload this video, but I guess it’s better late than never. In think in future I might just upload tutorials like this on my blog as posts instead of videos, I feel like they’re a little too simple to be made into videos. They could just as easily be followed as picture tutorials on my blog. I’m not sure, what do you guys think? More blog tutorials or more video tutorials?

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  1. Rita says

    I honestly prefere your videos (also because I love your voice). You have a quality to bring it to the point. It doesnt seem you waste any time when you do videos, and I really like that. But I think if it is too much work, especially for something simpler, a picture tutorial would also be nice =)

    Much love from Austria

  2. Sam says

    Videos! Even if they are simple, I find it’s a simpler process to find the video on youtube if I want to make the project rather than find the blog post. And it’s easier to make something (for me at least) if I’m watching a video rather than a step-by-steop with pictures.

  3. Sarah says

    To be honest i prefer your videos, because i love watshing your videos and because i think that one is less likely to miss a step. but i do anderstand that videos are a lot more work.
    And personally i’d say that you schouln’d do something, that you don’t want to do or that is very time consumig, espesally if there is a more simple way, just because, we, your audience (or however you like to cal us) want that.
    I think, that noboby will be personal offended, if you say, that you wont film tutorials anymore, that are explaind as good as in pictures.

    Lots of love from Austria <3

  4. says

    I really love your videos. Personally I understand better with the videos, and to be honest I like to listen to your voice, it is very calm and confident, so I feel confident too (that’s not really weird right?). However I recently started a blog and it’s so hard for me to write a single post. If you stop videos than that is entirely understandable! :)

  5. Tone says

    I prefer videos, I love your voice and it’s interesting to actually see what you do.

  6. Panya says

    Ditto everyone else. I prefer videos; mostly because I’m a visual learner, and partly because I like to hear your voice. But do whatever makes you happy.