Emotions Series: Exhaustion

Emotions Series Exhaustion

Finally, the series I’ve been talking about for so long. Like most of my series, this one has been tossed around my head for a while till I finally felt like I had enough ideas collected for it. The scope for this series is huge! So many emotions and makeup looks to explore! Some of them will be more simple, like this one, and some of them – like joy – will be explosions of glitter and rhistestones.

Emotions Series Makeup Exhaustion Makeup

So far I have a long list of emotions planned. Fear, apathy, Joy, depression, hope, the list is potentially endless. Plus I have several photography ideas for them that I can’t wait to try out! Not to mention several new artist who have allowed me to use their music in future videos which include Kerli and Felicity. If you have any suggestions for new emotions for this series feel free to leave them in the comments, the more complicated the better!

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  1. Sally Marham says

    I love that my suggestion was ‘apathy’ (which, of course, you already had), but my husband’s was ‘lust’. Says a lot about our relationship!

  2. Celena says

    I don’t know if this goes, but I’d really like to know tricks for frozen or freezing and how to make fake snow on the lashes and brows that won’t melt