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Balance Me Body Cream

When it comes to my skin care routine it’s pretty much sorted out now. I’ll dabble around with new products here and there, but I know the basic products that always work for me. Body care is another matter. I’m probably the laziest person on earth for that. Either I forget or I just can’t be bothered, which is something I really want improve on. Especially now that summer is coming up and I’d really like to start wearing a few midi dresses.

Balance Me Cream Swatch

A few months ago I was sent this cream to try out, and although it took me a while to get around to using it, once I did it was quite easy to remember to include it in my skin care. The smell is lovely!  A citrus-y orange blossom smell, and the texture of the cream is quite interesting. It’s light and creamy and leaves an interesting silicone-y finish on the skin. For that reason I prefer to use it on my legs rather than my hands, especially if I’m planning to draw anything that day. The last thing I want are gummy-textured fingers.

Basics: £12.50 • 300 ml • 6 month shelf life • Cruelty Free 

While it obviously works as a moisturiser it’s not the thickest cream, and if you suffer from very dry skin then this is isn’t going to be moisturising enough for you. I’d describe this cream as perfect for people with normal to very oily skin. Is it an oh-my-gosh-best-cream-of-all-time product? No, it is not. But if you’re into well made and nicely scented creams I think you’ll enjoy trying this one out.

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