Zodiac Eyeliner: Cancer

The Zodiacs Cancer

Now for part two of my eyeliner Zodiac series. As usual we have the inevitable rhinestone that simply had to make it’s way into the makeup. If you don’t want to use a rhinestone though feel free to substitute it with your favourite colour eyeliner so that you get a lovely pop of colour against the black eyeliner.

What I used: Night Owl Eyeliner Bulletproof Black Eyeshadow • Rhinestones

The easiest way to do this one is to start out with winged eyeliner which is a little more curved on the outer corner than strait, and then draw a circle at the corner of your winged eyeliner. For the upper lid start on the outer corner, just above the crease of your eye, and draw a line which fades out towards the the middle of your crease.

Cancer Zodiac The zodiacs The Zodiacs Cancer Eyeliner

Finish off by adding a circle at the end of the line, and then add a rhinestone and lashes if you feel like making it a little more dramatic. If you haven’t see it already you can see the more dramatic version of this look down bellow.

Which Zodiac would you like to see next?