Fist Fight Knuckles

Fist Fight

If you’ve seen last weeks Anti-Sexy Pirate look, you’ll have noticed my knuckles and hands looked pretty busted up. Since so many of you asked I filmed a quick tutorial on how I did it, I didn’t film the tattoo part since it’s ridiculously simple. Just the eyeliner, some black eye shadow for the gradient on the letters and some HD powder to matte the lines, voila!

Also, in previous tutorials a few people have asked if it’s possible to get scar wax for different skin tones, and it is! One trick of course is to mix it with a little cream makeup to change the skin tone, but if you’d prefer to just buy it in the shade you need you can get it here.

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  1. says

    i really love the broken knuckles tutorial… i just wanted to request if you can do a mortal kombat inspired tutorial cause cause i love mortal kombat and i love you and i know that you can do it. hahahahaha.. :)