The Anti-Sexy Pirate

The Anti-Sexy Pirate

I was thinking the other day, every Halloween – and yes, I know it’s ages till Halloween – there’s always the same type of costumes. Sexy witch, sexy mummy, sexy dentist (wtaf), sexy pirate etc. The pirate one especially, always baffled me. Long months at sea, hard labour, poor rations, diseases and the occasional fist fight didn’t exactly lend themselves to a symmetrical, attractive face. Nothing says sexy like scurvy riddled teeth.

And yes, I get that it’s just for fun, but in that case, just for fun, I want to do a slightly more realistic look. Complete with sixteenth century dental. So if next halloween you feel like dressing up as Jacquotte Delahaye, or  Anne Bonney, this tutorial should help you.

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  1. Laura says

    Me encanta ese maquillaje te falto el ojo rojo…porque con un golpe asi…auch

    Te felicito mucho por tu creatividad y gracias por compartirla con los demas

    Abrazos desde Colombia

  2. nein says

    This is so awesome. <3
    So with rigid collodion, how do you remove it? I've seen some people peel it off, same with latex,but I'm guessing that's not the best way to go about removing it?