Konjac Sponge Review

Sponge Review

I’m never entirely sure what to expect when I’m sent products like this to try out. I couldn’t imagine there would be much difference between this and a regular sponge, but I was still intrigued. When you first take it out of the packet it’s completely dry, like a slightly more porous oversized rice krispie. Yes, I know, that’s quite a weird image, but once you put it under the tap it turns completely soft, and oddly gummy. Once the sponge is wet it has a jelly-like texture that’s really quite entertaining. Especially when I threw it at my sister and yelled “Jellyfish!” Ok, not what you’re meant to use it for, but that split second look of horror and disgust when she grabbed the sponge was priceless.

Basics: £8 • Can be used with face-wash/cleanser • Cruelty Free

I like that the sponge is biodegradable, completely natural and cruelty free. It’s also claimed that they’re exfoliating, and I guess they are in the same way that rubbing your hands on your face is exfoliating. So very, very mildly exfoliating, but it’s nowhere near to the level of exfoliating that you would expect from a Clarisonic, or an apricot scrub. If you’re looking for something really, really gentle then this would be perfect for you.

Konjac Sponge

Once you start using it the sponge it deflates quite a bit once it’s been left out to dry. Each time I use it the sponge get’s a little bit smaller, so I can quite easily see why OM recommend to replace it every one to two months. Now that I’ve started using it I might dabble in trying out Konjac sponges from other brands, especially the charcoal and green clay infused sponges. I’d be very interested to compare the differences between those and this sponge.

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